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18 presets designed by Alexandra Burress with Arturia's Prophet-5 V Synthesizer.

Sound Design for Video Game Animation

DSP for Music & Visuals ⋅ Berklee course 2023

Within this assignment, students were tasked with delineating the sonic world, hit points, dramatic shape, background/ambient sounds, and primary sound design elements for their chosen clip. This comprehensive endeavor was completed within a rigorous three-week timeframe. Students were provided access to raw audio assets, which served as the foundation for crafting the auditory landscape. To achieve this, Alexandra Burress used a variety of audio tools and techniques, including but not limited to Logic Pro X's Alchemy, EQ, Sampler, convolution reverb, Synthesized Impulse Responses (IRs), delay effects, stereo imaging, mid/side processing, binaural panning, mix bus compression, VCA faders, and adaptive limiting.

Sound Design for Visual Media: Advertisement Score 

Sound Design for Electronic Musicians ⋅ Berklee course 2021

Using solely Logic Pro instruments and effects, this was the first scoring project that Alexandra completed while at Berklee. Though it is a shorter and more outdated animation than the above project, she was inspired by the "old school" visuals to create warm, fuzzy pads and plucky synthesizers. 

Nonlinear Composition
00:00 / 02:07

Ableton Live Techniques: Non-Linear Creative Strategies and Composition

Berklee course 2021

​Using the concept of Prosody to experiment with effect processors, spatial composition, critical listening and assessment in Ableton Live, Alexandra's composition reflects more of her older style, incorporating ethereal vocal performances and songwriting structure. 

Programming and Producing Drum Beats

Advanced Drum Mixing Techniques ⋅ Berklee course 2021

Using advanced drum mixing techniques, Alexandra arranged, mixed, and mastered ​this composition for her final assignment for Berklee's Programming and Producing Drum Beats course in 2023. 

Advanced Drum Mixing
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