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Angel Eggs by Our Blue Heaven - co-produced/mixed - 2022

Yamble by Our Blue Heaven - live - 2022

Music with two guitars, voice, and toy piano by slowsea  - live - recorded and co-mixed - 2022

Unicorn is Singing by Our Blue Heaven - live - 2021 

Paper Trails - EP - produced and mixed - 2021

Ecdysis - LP - produced and mixed - 2019

Dwell - EP - produced and mixed - 2017

Reconciling - single - produced, mixed, mastered - 2016

This Wind - EP - produced, mixed, mastered - 2016

Grauer Girl Rising Compilation - produced, co-mixed - 2015

What Friends? Compilation - produced, co-mixed - 2013

On My Own - EP - 2013 





Alexandra Burress is a music producer, composer, sound designer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. In 2023 she graduated from Berklee College of Music where she received a B.A. in Electronic Music Production and Sound Design. Her musical journey of 18 years started with folk songwriting with piano and guitar, where she performed at a variety of venues and toured internationally. She fell in love with electronic music and production in 2018 and has since produced and mixed two electronica records, performed the synthesizer in a free improvisational performance duo, engineered three live records, completed a collaborative multimedia composition with live and post-production sound designing, scored a documentary, and joined a three-piece band where she plays the drums. 

"These are pieces built from gentle, beatific fragility, their sparseness punctuated by subtle sounds – guitar, electronics, reverb, unplaceable instrumentation, field recordings – with each element given space to develop under Alexandra’s plangent, ruminative vocal."  - Further.


GoldFlakePaint Sunday Slowdown - 2017 

 Portland KDUP College Radio - 2017 

NWCZ Radio Life Elsewhere Music  - 2017

 San Diego 91X - 2017 

CiTR 101.9FM Radio University of British Columbia - 2017 

San Diego FM102.1 KPRI - 2013


 "...the arrangement is deeply important to the song–perhaps even more so than the vocal melodies. By focusing on sonic elements that are highly evocative and association-laden, the song marries the historic with the futuristic and wraps it in mystical vibes."  

- Independent Clauses

"There are only so many words in the English language to describe something beautiful. Alluring, elegant, divine, bewitching, sublime, but [Alexandra] Burress has somehow exhausted my vocabulary with her spellbinding music."  -The Deli Mag

Film Scores

Lifelines - 2024 (release tba)

Growing Pains A Musical Short Film  - 2018  

Losing in Love - 2016 


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